Yamaha P115 Review: Is It The Best for You? (2023)

Since Yamaha P115 is not available in the market, you can check out a good alternative: Yamaha P515 Digital Piano.

Yamaha P515 Weighted Action Digital Piano

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The Yamaha P-series features a range of state-of-the-art contemporary digital pianos that are in no measure less than the classic acoustic pianos.

With updated technology and renewed style, Yamaha has once again set the bar high for a splendid user experience with a lush range of tones and the perfect acoustic feel that is bound to leave you mesmerized.

The Yamaha P115 certainly belongs among the top echelons of the Yamaha P-series with its superior acoustic performance and a wide array of controls and functions that will suit a beginner or a veteran equally well.

With countless rhythms, accompaniments, and voices, the Yamaha P115 has also introduced some completely new features that will make playing this instrument even more exciting.

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Yamaha P115 Piano Review 2021

Control Interface and Voices

  • The Yamaha P-115 is an 88 key instrument that is provided with the extremely advanced and useful Graded Hammer standard (GHS) keyboard that calls for the similar weighted action that you feel in a real acoustic piano. The keys are set to a heavier touch at the lower end and a lighter touch at the higher end, an effect similar to that produced by the hammers of an acoustic piano.
  • The black keys are also provided with a matte finish that makes them less slippery when being played for extended periods of time.
  • The P-115 also boats of a pure CF Sound Engine that offers a revolutionary sampling technology that brings out the dynamics and expressions of the tone clearly.
  • The Digital Piano allows for 14 different voices including the CFIIIS 9’ Concert Grand Piano and a 192-note polyphony that will enable a smooth rendering of the notes in between different splits and layers, in turn improving the detail in the music to an enormous level.


Some incredible effects have just gone down in the P-115.

  • The 14 different voices ranging from Electric Pianos to Strings and Bass can be effectively enhanced with the help of the four Reverbs that can set the reverberation or the resonance as per your preference.
  • The P-115 features four reverbs namely the Recital Hall, Concert Hall, Salon, and the Club.
  • The Intelligent Acoustic Control provided in this piano is exclusive to Yamaha and will let you hear every syllable of your music even when the volume is low. It is essentially an Equalizer that adapts to enrich the tonal balance of the music according to the volume settings so that you can distinctly hear the highs and lows of the sound at any level.
  • In addition, Yamaha has introduced a new Sound Boost Feature that further refines the notes so that your performance sounds much brighter and lively to you and the audience. Also featured is a Damper Resonance to maintain the desired sustain.
  • The P-115 also boasts of a Duo Mode of play, where two persons can play on the piano side-by-side and that too with their own middle C. This mode would be great for a teacher-student setting providing for more effective learning.
  • Besides this, it has the standard Split Mode, where the player can split the keys resulting in two different sounds for the two halves of the Piano, and the Dual/Layer Mode that enables the user to play two layers of sounds, with one on top of the other.


  • The Yamaha P-115 has been endowed with 10 pianist styles or accompaniments that let you juggle with two styles of patterns at once. You can simply play the chords using one style with your left hand and add another style by the right hand, thus, enhancing the flare and complexity of the music.
  • It also features a Metronome for perfectly timing the beats and a Transpose for the setting the concert ready scale. The tempo range for the instrument has been provided from 5-280.
  • Also provided are 14 Rhythms from basic rock to swing beats to add that extra jazz to your performances and practices.


  • The P-115 comes with a USB to Host port that can successfully connect your piano to a computer or any other device for that matter to save your files.
  • You can also avail for a two-track recording or a single song of 100 kB in the SMF format at a time.
  • The built-in Speakers have top-mounted tweeters and the piano also provides for an AUX output port that can be used for connecting with amplifiers and Mixer without cutting off the built-in speakers.

Pros & Cons of Yamaha P-115


  • 88-note Grand Hammer Standard Keyboard
  • Duo mode for side-by-side play
  • Pre CF Sound Engine
  • Increased 192-note polyphony
  • New Sound boost feature
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control
  • Exclusive Digital Piano Controller App for iOS


  • No direct MIDI
  • On-board LCD monitor absent
  • Can’t save settings without an iOS device
  • Very few status LEDs

As per your request, We have given a detailed and honest review of the Yamaha P115 piano and It would be the perfect choice for you If you really know the great feel of a great piano.

You would love to play it again and again after getting its first touch. So take the decision right now and go for the best pick.


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