5 Remarkable Health Benefits of Playing the Piano (2023)

Health Benefits of Playing the Piano
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“The piano keys are black and white, but they sound like a million colors in your mind”

Playing the piano is amazing. It will soothe your soul from inside, out. Each musical instrument produces music and has its benefits. Playing the piano is also having its amazing benefits, not only musically but also health-wise.

One might be thinking, playing the piano can only be having benefits when it comes to musical or financial job level, but this is not the case. Playing the piano can have many health benefits, too. Intellectual, Physical, Social or Mental, all kind of effects are possible by playing the piano.

How Difficult Is It To Play The Piano With Joint Disorders? 

In the entire world, 300 million individuals suffer from arthritis. Joint inflammation, which results in pain and restricted motion, is the cause. For those who enjoy music and want to study the piano but have arthritis, this can be a limitation.

Even though the piano is a fantastic instrument to learn, playing it while you have arthritis can be challenging. It can be difficult to play the piano while having arthritis, but it doesn’t have to be. For you to remain independent and active, you must take care of your joints.  

Piano is a pleasant and fulfilling instrument to play for self-expression. It’s crucial that you discover a quality of performing with arthritic joints that is doable for you, similar to any other hobby. While seated, you might be capable of playing one or two tunes, or work on scales, chords, and easy melodies. Maintaining as much movement in your hands as you can is crucial. 

Because it relaxes the joints, conditioning the injured joints is thought to be beneficial. Examine your playing technique and posture by consulting a professional. Make a few adjustments to your practice  sessions to help with arthritis pain relief. If you warm up and cool off before and after practice , your muscles will stay fit and can avoid injury for longer. For those with arthritis, experts advise keeping practice  sessions brief, focused, and rapid. Examine numerous playing techniques to see which one suits you the best. If you have arthritis, you will profit more from switching to a playing technique that is more pleasant for your hand. 

Your hands’ joints and muscles will become stronger as you practice  playing the piano. The dexterity required for piano playing maintains your hand muscles strong and prevents the thinning of your tiny bones.

It can be helpful to play the piano with the proper technique, warm up before you play, and take rests. Proper piano performing, which is a straightforward and sensitive playing technique, is said to be beneficial in these circumstances.

The very worst circumstance is to continue exercising despite the pain and stiffness, strictly avoiding further joint stress. 

If one is attempting to get rid of the pain, it’s advised to play moderate, easy melodies, but playing the piano on a daily basis will keep your fingers moving. Piano is an excellent way to work out the hand joints and muscles as long as one isn’t training to be a piano player and practicing for hours on end every day! 

It is extremely damaging for any pianist or anyone who enjoys playing the piano, even as a hobby, to have arthritis. Every person wants to follow their passion, so it is painful when they are unable to do so due to discomfort. In actuality, healthy joints also have strong muscles to thank for this. Furthermore, while playing the piano, serotonin and dopamine, two key hormones that lower stress levels, are also released. 

Tips To Start Making A Career Out Of Your Piano Skills 

  • Even for experts, teaching others the subtle art of piano and sharing your knowledge with others can be scary. Despite the fact that you’re a beginner yourself, you can be confident that you have just what it takes to succeed as a part-time music instructor. You can share it with prospective students if you have knowledge of the subject.  
  • You don’t need a music degree or any other kind of certification to tutor kids individually, though having one doesn’t hurt. But if you desire people to come back to you, you’ll need to be at least slightly competent. This is a fantastic chance for you to increase your knowledge of the necessary tools and your expertise while earning money. 
  • Even if you feel like the talents aren’t as outstanding as those of others, protecting your original songs from the start is the appropriate course of action. You will be able to sell music samples to those who want to include them into their compositions if you control the rights to your own music.
  • Psych rock or hip-hop instrumental compositions are frequently made by combining various samples. This indicates that a producer can opt to buy the licence for one of your songs if they like the rhythm or melody. Why not devote some time to this as it will bring in some extra cash and royalties? 
  • You can support yourself financially while advancing in your musical career by reviewing albums or reporting on the most recent business news. Furthermore, despite what many people think, you don’t need to be an authority on either side of the issue to carry this off. 
  • The piano is a well-liked instrument throughout the music business, not just in video games. Knowing how and where to play it will put you miles ahead of the competitors and open the door to producing. To arrange records in an appealing style, you don’t have to be skilled, but you will need a tonne of musical theory knowledge.
  • However, if you possess the necessary abilities, your route to advancement will be fruitful. 
  • Today’s most influential people are those who produce online content. You can succeed on YouTube regardless of your industry as long as you remember a few crucial factors. Build your own brand and have fun with it. Add an eye-catching banner to your page and an introduction video trailer that informs visitors of your origins. You are certain to earn money from your films as long as they are informative and you locate the proper niche for you. You could even be able to secure some sponsorships. 

Prerequisites Of Starting A Piano Youtube Channel. 

It might be challenging to grow a YouTube following. Having 400 hours of video posted per minute, the platform is extremely crowded, and you are battling against well-known channels. However, if done correctly, you can achieve astonishing feats. 

The viewer will return for more if you give them something they appreciate. Following are a few video formats with high engagement: Covers. More people view and maybe follow recent hits. Be timely and relevant by scheduling love songs for Valentine’s Day and Christmas tunes for Christmas.

Tutorials. detailed instructions for songs or the music theory you just discussed. composing, improvisation, and similar activities. similar to behind the scenes. Here, you can reveal how you work and show off a bit of your personality. What software you use, how you go about writing an arrangement, personal tricks of the trade, etc. 

Think on how to interact with your audience most effectively. Will you address the camera directly or would you prefer to keep your face hidden? Additionally, think about if you want your channel to be humorous, serious, artistic, or depressing. Keep it consistent and genuine to who you are. These choices will establish your own YouTube “personality.” Even though the subject varies from video to video, each one should feel comfortable. 

More people click on a thumbnail that is appealing. Consider making a custom thumbnail for each video since 90% of top-performing YouTube videos do not utilise an automatic one. Make sure to theme them so that they adhere to the aesthetic of your channel. 

On other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, post new videos. It’s usually preferable to have more awareness, especially in the beginning when every view matters. 

People are interested in new information, therefore at first you should provide it as frequently as you can without lowering your quality. Even if you don’t submit a video every day, the algorithm will rapidly start to take note of your channel if you make several consistent weekly posts.

So that viewers know when and how to expect videos, maintain consistency. It might happen on Mondays or Wednesdays. whichever suits you.

Make things as simple for yourself as you can. Establish a small video station so that you may start filming as soon as the lights are turned on. Make the process of coming up with video ideas, recording, editing, and uploading them routine. 

It bears repeating: gaining a following is challenging. If your channel isn’t expanding as quickly as you had intended within the first few months (or perhaps even years), it can feel demoralizing. Despite how fiercely competitive it is, persist. You will improve as you generate more. Continue producing top-notch videos and posting them on other social networks. Keep the conversation going with your audience to determine what they want and how to deliver it.

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Though there are a lot of benefits, which are not only related to health but also beneficial physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially, which are as includes:

1. Once you become a pro in playing piano, you can easily start your Youtube channel or offline classes, and start creating your asset.

2. Having a hobby is amazing. It will help to keep your mind active, as usual. Piano playing is an amazing hobby where music diverts your mind, from all the stress and removes the over-thinking process by saving your time in practicing it.

3. Playing the piano helps to reduce the issue of concentration & increases the power to concentrate on anything which will improvise the efficiency of the task one is performing. 

4. Music always promotes happiness hormones. It increases the feeling of fun in the person and is a great source of happiness for anyone. Playing the piano is as amazing as breathing happiness. (Read: 10 Tips for Choosing Music to Play on Piano)

5. Anxiety can be reduced with the help of playing the piano. Music is very soothing and it will relax all your anxious mind needs. Playing the piano is as amazing as reducing anxiety via exercise.

Now when it comes to showering the remarkable health benefits of playing the piano, then the topmost which will come on any search engine be like: 

1. Stimulates The Growth Hormones

The children who play the piano is having to find the human growth hormones or HGH at a very high level in their bodies. These growth hormones are very helpful in keeping the kids in a very energetic way and saves the growing children from various body issues including body ache and body pain, in their old ages.

Human growth hormones help to keep people more lively and more jovial and boost the level of their energy throughout. Studies have proved that the children who took piano classes in their childhood have increased levels of human growth hormones, which ultimately help them in living cheerfully in their older days. 

2. Relaxes The Brain And Relieves Stress

The piano is a one-stop solution for all the soothing tune needs. But this is not it, playing the piano, always leads to elevating the stress level as it will help in lowering your blood pressure level and makes your body feel more positive and more relaxed. 

Depression and anxiety can be cured by playing the piano. It is a very well-known therapy for people who owe attention deficit disorder. A complete healthy stress buster, which can help you feel more positive about life than any other thing. 

3. Improves The Sitting Position & Strengthens The Hand Muscles

Pianoists have an improved dexterity than other non-pianoists. Not only this, but the studies have shown that playing the piano daily improves your sitting posture as every time you have to play the piano, you need to sit straight and sit attentively. Playing the piano is a complete workout. 

When someone plays the piano, they have to move their hands continuously along with their fingers, which ultimately leads to flexible hand muscles and strengthen finger muscles. Playing the piano makes your physique looks more muscular.

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4. Neural Connection With The Brain

Playing a musical instrument such as piano helps in improving the neural connection of the brain and enhances the functionality of the brain by making it more effective and energetic. Thus, playing the piano helps in increasing the concentration of the brain and thus, leading to a good focus on studies and then in extracurricular activities. 

5. Improves Vocabulary

Once a person starts learning a piano, it will help in broadens the vocabulary of the person and also the verbal sequencing skills of the person. Learning the piano will lead to the exposure of many more words than a normal human does, who is not in contact with the music, the reading of those persons increases automatically. 

This not lead to the improvement in the vocabulary but also in the performance of the persons and children in their classroom as well. 

Thus, there is an enormous amount of benefits which could be gain by playing the piano, and it is a very good idea to practice the piano or send your kids to learn piano lessons. Playing pianos, not only improve the physical aspects of the human body but also affects the mental health of the human body.

When listening to the piano, a person can feel the emotions more than any other timing, since it is a great way to soothe the internal soul of the human body. Sometimes, when the composition is amazing, not only you but your friends and family will start enjoying it and can find an amount of peace while listening to the piano. Any musical instrument could be chosen for the right amount of peace and the right amount of medication to be done. Music is a way to find the eternal soul in this life itself. Music creates a sense of love and emotions in any human body. Music brings peace.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How may a person who suffers from joint disorders benefit from thinking about employing a light touch keyboard?

Lighter-keyed keyboards are not only more comfortable to use, but they are also more readily available. With a light-touch piano, hands won’t have to work as hard, and it will also be more comfortable over time. 

2. How does exercise help in reducing the condition of joint disorders? 

By making the muscles contract while they stretch, exercise is a great technique to increase joint range of motion because it provides the joints more space to move. Additionally, it increases flexibility, enabling you to achieve higher just on piano keys without putting undue stress on the hands or wrists. 

3. How do most pianists make money? 

Professional pianists frequently perform for churches to make a living. There is the option for work outside of the normal Sunday services, and the pay is consistent. Church gigs come in a variety of forms, and the compensation range varies. 

4. How does a video editing software play an important role as a prerequisite for a YouTube channel? 

You must edit the clip into the final refined version of the video after it has been recorded. Online, you may find free editing software, but for more glitzy methods, you might need to purchase more sophisticated software. Of course, how much editing you do will depend on your desired degree of presentation. 

5. What are the factors that YouTube search algorithm follows? 

  • how closely the metadata (title, description, and keywords) of your video matches the user’s search term
  • how your video drew viewers in (likes, comments, watch time).

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