Alesis Virtue Review: Best Cost-Effective Piano? – 2023

Alesis Virtue Review: Best Cost-Effective Piano? – 2023

The Alesis Virtue is a brand new entry-level digital piano that appeals to beginner pianists. The piano is also cost-effective and is equipped with learning software. The piano features velocity-sensitive keys that help players to work on the key dynamics. Its keys are not weighted and come with an attractive speaker quality and three months subscription to Skoove. Let us discuss the features, specifications, and other features of this piano in detail here. 

Alesis Virtue Review 2023

Alesis Virtue 88-Key Digital Piano
Overall Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Performance and sounds9.3
Build Quality8.5
For Beginners9.4
Value for money9.5

Key Specifications of the Alesis Virtue Piano

  • The piano features 88 full-sized keys with velocity sensitivity and adjusting touch response
  • There are three pedal systems for exceptional music creation
  • There is an easy-to-assemble wooden stand on this piano with a music rest and an adjustable piano bench.
  • There are 360 premium built-in voices in this piano with a split and layer functionality
  • There is a 30-watt stereo speaker for high-quality music streaming.
  • Its 128-note polyphony helps with realistic sound creation and playability.
  • There are 80 demo songs, 160 built-in accompaniments, and record-playback mode in this piano.
  • It is packed with powerful educational features.
  • There is a built-in metronome with a 30 to 280 BPM range.
  • There is a back-lit LCD screen that shows the chord names and notations clearly.
  • Includes a 3-month Skoove premium subscription for interactive online piano lessons. 

The keyboard of the piano

The keyboard of the piano, is the most important component of the entire unit, as it serves as the input unit that creates high-quality and exceptional music. The keys of the Alesis Virtue piano are semi-weighted that offers the best of both digital and grand acoustic pianos. Its hammer action piano keys are great in emulating the sounds of the hammers striking the keys and the keys are also tactually appealing for the pianist. There is also a red felt strip that is visible at the root of the keys, which offers an aesthetic feel and enhances the authenticity of the look of the piano.

Keys of Alesis Virtue

Yet another satisfying feature of the piano keys is their dynamic response. When the pianist plays the instrument accurately with good control, they will be able to transit from the soft the loud music parts, pretty easily, without much difficulty. The key surfaces in this piano are not coated with artificial ivory or ebony, but they still offer a decent grip. Thus beginners and intermediate pianists will be able to perform long hours of practice on this piano without losing grip. 

Sounds, polyphony, and speakers

Sound is one of the most important features that we have to look for in this digital piano. The Alesis Virtue digital piano deals with five sounds to work with, and they are all clean and clear, ideal for the budding pianist. The piano sounds are sampled exceptionally well from grand acoustic pianos and they offer a tremendous dynamic variation through multi-sampling. The piano also features impressive 30W stereo speakers and the sounds through these speakers are smooth with realistic transitions. There are about 360 different voices on this piano along with other effects and functions, making this an interesting instrument for those with a passion to play the piano.

There are also several other voices and effects in this piano, that help beginners to familiarize themselves with the instrument. These sounds are also great for enhancing creativity.

The 360 sounds that are included in the piano include the sounds of the strings, organs, electric pianos, brass, percussion instruments, guitars, synths, etc. The quality of the main acoustic piano sound is great, offering a realistic piano playing experience.

The polyphony limit of this piano is about 128 notes, this is good enough to create masterpieces with the piano. This is high enough to avoid the notes cutting off too fast even while playing complex pieces of music.

The piano features an efficient speaker system for the price and the total output of its speakers is about 2 x 15W. This is great for small performances, in a close auditorium, in a living room, and even for stage shows, without requiring the need for external amplification. The quality of its speakers is exceptionally good, even at very high volumes. The effect is also very nice for others to hear even when they are at a distance from a musical instrument. There is also a provision to connect the piano with an external amplification system. We can also connect headphones with the piano to practice privately. 

External design and features of the piano

The Alesis virtue digital piano comes with all the features that are required to set up and start playing the instrument.  Installing this piano is easy and simple and it doesn’t take beyond 45 minutes. It is good to have assistance while setting up the piano, though the total weight of the piano is only 64.8 pounds.

The stand of this piano is not made of hardwood, though it has a nice look to it. the piano is not made of plastic material, but it doesn’t feel very cheap. The piano holds a nice look to it and is thus capable of complementing most living rooms. Above the keyboard, there is a control panel that features several buttons and a central LCD. The extensive control panel of the piano along with its LCD gives the ability to adjust the settings of the piano with exceptional ease.

Features of Alesis Virtue

There is also a sliding cover in this piano with three-pedal units. The key cover is an elegant way to keep the dust out of the piano. The three-pedal units contribute to its realism and the piano also comes with a chair for a seamless piano playing experience. The Alesis virtue piano is a good value for money and appeals to beginner and intermediate piano players

Connectivity features

One of the best features that differentiate the digital piano from the acoustic piano is the connectivity feature. The diverse connectivity features in the Alesis Virtue digital piano help in enhancing the user experience. The connectivity panel in this digital piano is located at the rear side of the digital piano and the connectivity options include, ¼” stereo output for connecting to an external sound system. There is a USB-MIDI output for connecting to a computer or tablet, there is also a USB input to play with the favorite MP3s. There is also a headphone output for private practice. 

Pros & Cons of Alesis Virtue


  • Easy to assemble wooden stand with music rest that easily finds a place in your home
  • 30-watt speakers are good for filling a moderate room with awesome piano music.
  • The piano forms realistic sound with ambient playability features.
  • The record mode helps in recording music and listening to one’s performances.
  • It qualifies as an exceptional stage piano as it can run on batteries.
  • The sound from this piano is extremely immersive with headphones.
  • The affordable piano that stays within the budget of buyers.


  • The keys of this piano are semi-weighted, but still, their quality is not very impressive.
  • Sound selection in this piano is limited.

Alternatives of Alesis Virtue

These are the top alternatives of Alesis Virtue.

To get more options, check out our list of best digital pianos under $500.

Final Words

The Alesis Virtue digital piano holds the strongest functions and has about 360 different instrument sounds, and this digital piano holds several fun elements as well. There is a teacher mode that divides the piano into two types and is thus great for budding pianists.

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