Best Keyboard Stands for 88 Key – 2023

There are many different types and varieties of keyboards available on the market and all of these stage pianos require extremely durable keyboard stands, these stands are also capable of holding the weight of the keyboard for a long time. We wish to aid you in your search for the best keyboard stand available for 88-keys keyboards and have thus listed the top 5 best stands for 88 Key pianos available in the market.

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Top 5 Best Keyboard Stands for 88 Key

If you are looking to use your keyboard frequently, then you are also required to set up and pack down the stand regularly. Also, musicians, who perform a lot of stage shows, need to make use of four-legged stands that are sturdier than others. Such piano stands are time-consuming but extremely cost-efficient and extremely durable. Here are some of the best and sturdiest piano stands from leading brands.

#1. On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Folding-Z Keyboard Stand

On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Folding-Z Keyboard Stand
Editor Rating: 9.3/10
Easy to assemble9.2
Value for money9.4

This is one of the best two-tier keyboard stands with tilting angle adjustments for stage pianos. The stand also features independent height instruments to have stage pianos tilted at a definite angle for appropriate stage performance. The width adjustments of this piano range from 21 inches to 37 inches. The stand is capable of holding 55-key keyboards in their compact position and is capable of holding 88-keys pianos at their maximum width. The piano also folds flat for travel and storage.

This is an exceptional stage piano that is truly professional and it is also truly heavy-duty. The pianos stand is excessively durable, affordable, and manufactured with exceptional innovation. Though this piano holds two keyboards, it is capable of folding into a smaller space, than most keyboard cases. There are front bumpers in this piano stand to accommodate the height of the keyboard.

This piano stand is extremely stable and is great for studio use. It is not appropriate for dragging and gigging unless we have a professional to set up the piano stand. There are too many knobs in this piano stand to loosen and remove and there are also too many pieces in this piano stand to carry and re-adjust every time. But it is all worth the effort, as it is an amazing stand for holding piano stands of different sizes.


  • The width adjustments of this piano are between 21” to 37”
  • The piano stand has eight line-up height adjustment marks.
  • The stand has black velveteen rubber padding.


  • The piano stand is sturdy and affordable but is tall and complex.

#2. K&M Table Style Keyboard Stand

K&M Table Style Keyboard Stand
Editor Rating: 9.4/10
Easy to assemble9.3
Value for money9.4

This is an efficient keyboard stand that has an exceptional base dimension and height adjustment. The piano stand features a spring-loaded clamping knob for appropriate height adjustments and its engraved height scale includes four Velcro tapes to guide the cable. The piano stand comes with five years warranty. The K&M Omega table-style keyboard stand is the choice of professionals and it features compact steel tubing with round floor protectors to make them attractive and significantly stable.

The piano stand features two-sided spring-loaded locking screws to make precise height adjustments. The clamping knobs release with spring action, instead of having to remove their locking screws. The stand offers ample leg height adjustment and its engraved height scale encompasses four Velcro tapes to guide the cable. the support arms of the stand are capable of adjusting to suit the size of different keyboards.

The piano stand folds flat for storage and easy transport. When the table folds, it is impressively flat and it cannot be disassembled to save space for travel if required. There is also an optional attachment for a second laptop or keyboard. We also get to use an adapter to mount the universal holders quickly and easily.


  • The compact steel tubing construction and large round floor protectors make this attractive keyboard stand significantly stable.
  • Its two-sided spring-loaded locking screws make height adjustments precise and easy.
  • The table is impressively flat when it is folded.


  • The keyboard stand takes a lot of time to assemble and break down for frequent gigs.

#3. Liquid Stands MS1080 Piano Keyboard Stand

Liquid Stands MS1080 Piano Keyboard Stand
Editor Rating: 9.3/10
Easy to assemble9.3
Value for money9.4

This is an exceptional Z-style adjustable and portable heavy-duty stand for professional pianists. This piano stand is capable of fitting in keyboards of both 54 and 88 keys. The piano features an adjustable height to width ratio to fit these keyboards. Its universal keyboard stand is completely adjustable and it allows the pianist to align their pianos, turntables, DJ mixers, synths, and turntables efficiently well. This keyboard stand is compatible with all major keyboard brands.

It is possible to play with this keyboard stand in both seated and standing positions. The Z style electric piano stand is extremely versatile and it is thus able to adjust to both the height and the width of the piano. With this stand in place, the pianist will have the option to make music in both standing and sitting positions, on the seat, stool, and even on the bench. 

The heavy-duty construction of this piano is capable of supporting the heaviest musical instruments and gear. This A-Z piano stand offers a lot of stability and it is likely to tip more than the most common X-style stands. It is great for use on stage, at home, and even in the studio.
The stand includes a headphone hook and anchoring straps, along with four locking wheels, adjustable feet, and anti-skid foam pads. 


  • The piano stand is great for musicians to perform on live stage shows.
  • It is easy to set up, transport and adjusts.
  • Setting up and breaking down the table takes less than a minute.
  • The piano stand can be packed flat for transportation for gigs.


  • The screws demand constant lubrication.

#4. RockJam Xfinity XX-363 Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand

RockJam Xfinity XX-363 Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand
Editor Rating: 9.2/10
Easy to assemble9.2
Value for money9.3

This is an excellent keyboard stand with locking straps. It features heavy-duty double-x metal construction, that offers additional stability for both light and heavy digital electronic keyboards. Its quick-release mechanism allows the users to adjust the height of the keyboard stand from 4 to 38 inches. Compared with most digital piano stands, this stand permits only five-set positions. It doesn’t require much assembly its metal parts are welded together and there are no screws to lose in this piano stand.

The piano stand features high-strength support straps that are attached to the keyboard stand, to secure the keyboard from movement during performance. The keyboard stands feature non-slip rubber end caps to add additional stability to the piano stand. The depth at the top of the piano stand is 35.5 cm and the depth of the piano stand is about 46 cm. The width of the piano stand is adjustable from 17 to 98 cm, to accommodate pianos of different key strengths.

The keyboard stand is made of sturdy metal and is capable of safely supporting digital keyboards up to 45 pounds, for different stage shows. This keyboard stand has a unique mechanism through which it allows the users to adjust the height of the piano stand from 4 to 38 inches. They are available in five preset height positions and their flexibility enables adults and children to find the ideal keyboard height, no matter if they are playing the instrument in a standing or sitting position.


  • The keyboard stand doesn’t require any screws and is thus easy to install.
  • The high-strength support straps help secure the keyboard during performances and to mitigate the risk of damage.
  • Its non-slip rubber end caps ensure that the keyboard doesn’t move around during the performance.


  • The screws on the straps of the piano stand are quite thin, especially at the bottom of the keyboard.

#5. Yamaha YKA7500 Professional Double X Style Keyboard Stand

Yamaha YKA7500 Professional Double X Style Keyboard Stand
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to assemble9
Value for money9.2

This is an exceptional double-braced stand for the keyboard. It features rubber no-skid feet and also possesses top bracing features that prevent the keyboard from sliding around. It has an adjustable design that helps pianist to position their keyboard at an optional height in any setting. There are spring action levers to adjust the piano in six different playing heights. Its rounded feet help in enhancing the stability of many folds. Its telescoping arms and grips help in holding the keyboard securely in its place.

It also features padded corner hooks along with rock-solid double bracing to keep the keyboard locked in its place. Also, the piano features a fold-flat construction, that makes it as easy to store, when it is not in use. This stand is a perfect choice for holding and supporting the Yamaha keyboards. With the Double X style keyboard stand, we can be assured that the keyboard is resting in sturdy and safe hands.

The weight-bearing capacity of this piano stand is about 300 pounds. The stable and well-built practical design of this piano is built for all types of full-size keyboards. Though this is a sturdy stand, it is also extremely lightweight and is great for getting the job done.


  • The keyboard stand features a double-braced X-shaped stand that is designed for large-format keyboards.
  • The Keyboard stand features reliable and rugged steel construction.
  • It is easy to adjust the ideal height of the keyboard stand.
  • Its padded corner hooks keep the keys in place.


  • The piano stand is hard to assemble, as its assembling instructions are not clear.

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The different types of the keyboard stand for 88-key pianos

There are many different types of keyboard stands available in the market, that offers a range of features to meet the requirements of the players. Here are some of the best types of stands to accommodate the 88- key instrument.

a. X-style stand: These types of keyboard stands are affordable, but they are less stable. these stands are suitable for lightweight keyboards, with other musical accessories.

b. The Z-style stand: The Z-type styles are stronger and sturdier than the X-style stands. These stands do cost more and they can be adjusted for both the sitting and the standing positions.

c. Column-style stands: These are the most expensive stands of all types, and they are also very convenient in terms of legroom. The design of these stands is also more professional and they also look more pleasant than the rest of the stands.

d. Table-style stands: These stands are much preferred by musicians who play the instrument in both standing and sitting positions. 

Things to consider before choosing the best keyboard stand for 88-key pianos

Some of the important factors to consider before zeroing in on the best keyboards stand for pianos are as follows.

1. Weight of the keyboard

You should choose the keyboard based on the weight of the instrument. We should avoid all causalities by choosing the stand that is capable of withstanding the weight of the piano. Ascertain the weight of the keyboard before buying the stand. If the keyboard weighs over 100 pounds, do not purchase a stand that has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of over a hundred pounds. 

2. Number of tiers of the keyboard

Some of the keyboard stands are designed to hold multiple keyboards. There are double and triple-tier stands available in the market today and are ideal options to hold a couple of keyboards. Make sure that you choose a stand that is capable of supporting the 88-key piano properly.

3. Quantum of legroom in the piano stand

If you are someone who wishes to sit and play your keyboard on the stage, then you should choose a stand that offers sufficient legroom for the players. Consider using a table or a Z style stand over an X style configuration, if you wish to have a lot of legroom while playing the instrument.

4. Portability

If you are a pianist who performs regular gigging, it is mandatory to consider the overall portability of the stand and how easy it is to set up and break down the stand, before and after the show.

Bottom Line

We have listed the top best keyboard stands that we feel are the best for your performance at a reasonable cost. We hope our product recommendation and our guide help you in picking the best stand for your 88- keys piano.


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