Tips on How to Get Rid of Nerves Before Your Piano Exam (August 2022)

How to Get Rid of Nerves Before Your Piano Exam
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Students always feel worried about losing too many marks in their exams. And when it is a piano exam, then the scene might be different. Though feel anxious maybe a little different but the nerves can take over the final weeks of the preparation. So, it is very much important to get rid of the nerves before you plan for the piano exam.

There might come times when you are worried about if you are going to perform well in any exam or not. Or there might come a time when you might not be feeling right of performing best in the exam, then at that time, you need to make sure you are feeling good and does not let your nerves overcome your fear. For that, you might need to take certain tips and tricks into consideration, which might be helpful for you. Here go few tips be like:

How to Get Rid of Nerves Before Your Piano Exam

1. Preparation is the best

When it comes to performing live before anyone, it is always said that knowing your audience is a good choice. Make sure you are well prepared before going to the stage. Being underprepared and then worrying about your performance, might cause an issue. 

Practicing and practicing is the only option. If you can play your pieces, in a well-planned manner, means you have prepared and planned well. It’s ok making some mistakes since it doesn’t cost must. Even, if you stop in the middle of the performance, then also, do not worry. Just make sure you don’t lose your confidence and rock the stage with all the knowledge you owe in the playing of the piano.

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2. Friends help

Friends are the ones who keep you laughing. Make sure you phone a friend when you feel like drawing. Social interactions always boost your energy and decrease stress. They make you forget about your feelings of sacredness and provide you with a sense of social stability and a sense of belongings. Friends always make sure to calm down your feelings and give you personal happiness. 

3. Eat good food

Make sure you drink a lot of water and green vegetables plus fruits, as this will make you feel relaxed. One can have beans, fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, and spices, to have a good amount of minerals and vitamins, which will help in releasing your stress hormones and makes you feel good. 

Some of the good food includes red kidney, apples, sweet cherries, plums, strawberries, raspberries, walnuts, pecans, kale, spinach, beets, turmeric, gingers, etc. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water to make you feel more relaxed. 

4. Don’t over practice

Over practicing always shatter your confidence. Make sure you don’t over the practice as this way you can make even more mistakes, which must not be made. Practice the set for some time and then leave in between, since it might not be the correct way to do so. 

Once you take your two or three maximum sessions then do not touch the piano again and relax. If you still want to practice, then do some hand movements and fingering, and this way, you can enjoy while waiting for your turn.

5. Exercise.

Exercise produces endorphins, which are the calm inducers, which are helpful in ultimately providing the coolness in the body, which ultimately leads to the benefit of producing happiness hormones in the body. Exercising in the outdoor places can recital the piano and boost the serenity. 

6. Study

Make sure you already are aware of the format and the expectations set for the exam. Make a schedule and take good notes. Make sure you are honest and make sure you are always true to yourself. Do practice but don’t over study.

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7. Smile.

Always smile, no matter what piano tune you are playing. No matter if your heart is racing or if you are facing anxiety. Smiles always help in reducing stress and depression. It is a proven fact that laughter will reduce the symptoms of depression and makes a person feels lively again. 

8. Declare to yourself that you will be the best

Once you realize the fact that you are awesome, you will go to succeed. Always when in doubt, tell yourself you can do it and you will do it for sure. Making mistakes is very common but learning from them is something which you cannot avoid. Always make sure that your own words are very impactful in your own life and in creating your future, rather than anyone’s else words about you. 

9. Take a bath before the performance

Enjoying a warm bath before the performance, may lighten up your exam and reduces the daily burden of life. If someone wants to reduce the anxiety one is having, then one can add salt to the bath. Epsom salt works better. Salt boosts the feeling of calmness and relaxation. 

Bathing with salt also reduces the stress and the anxiety level of a human being, making it more relaxed. If still, the anxiety persists, then one can have the aromatherapy sessions as well.  

10. Tune in with steps

Music lowers the blood group and reduces the stress hormones. Make sure you always dance with the tune rather than wasting your time deciding the tune. No matter what tune will be there, make sure to let them resonate with the piano tunes you owe so that you can enjoy them on your performance.

Don’t get nervous. Make sure you are taking the right step and do not let the fear of ruining your performance affect you. Always make sure you are confident enough to overcome your needs and make sure, you rock the stage.


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