Is Donner DEP-10 the Best Budget Option? -2023

This is an exceptional digital piano for beginners with 88-full size keys. This is a portable electric piano with a sustain pedal and appropriate power supply. Donner DEP-10 is a standard piano keyboard that resonates with the touch of the traditional acoustic piano. When you sit to play in this piano, it offers a feel of a free-flowing style that helps in grasping the expert piano playing styles of various strengths. Let us discuss the features and the aspects of this piano in detail here.

Donner DEP-10 Review 2023

Donner DEP-10 Digital Piano
Editor Rating: 9.3/10
Performance and sounds9.4
Build Quality9.1
For Beginners9.6
Value for money9.4

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  • The dimensions of this piano are about 133 * 29.5 * 18.5 cm and the weight of this piano is about 11.5 kg.
  • The piano is made of plastic and ABS and its pedals are of metal
  • It works on a power adapter of 12V/DC, 3A.
  • Features 128 note polyphony and 8 premium tones with sensitive touch response to playing.
  • The piano features MIDI connectivity.
  • Features multiple beat control with recording mode
  • The keyboard is equipped with two built-in 25W speakers and MP3 players.
  • The piano comes with 8 tones that include bright acoustic piano, electric grand piano, Chorus piano, Harpsichord, strings ensemble, etc.
  • Sustain pedal is included.
  • A backlit LCD screen is included in the piano. 

The Donner DEP-10 Complete Review with Specifications

The Donner DEP-10 is an excellent piano for beginners who are starting to learn piano. This piano holds several useful features and accessories that escalate the piano playing experience to a great level. This full-size digital piano is loaded with several unique features and functions to suit different music styles. 

The Donner DEP-10 is a relatively new brand that has established itself as a leading manufacturer of pianos in only a few years. The Donner brand is established in the year 2012 and the piano is competitively priced compared with other full-sized weighted pianos in this price range. 

Design of Donner DEP-10

1. External features of the piano

The Donner DEP-10 is a full-sized digital piano that features an exceptional design to offer the best performance in every piano playing situation, be it piano lessons or stage performance. The body of the piano is composed of plastic and thus it is extremely lightweight. It weighs 25.5 pounds, which is lighter than most digital pianos and it is thus extremely portable. This piano is available only in black color.

This full-sized digital piano is fitted with a clear backlit LCD screen that offers instructions about several things such as tempo, metronome speed, transpose, and also voice settings. Though it is a beginner digital piano, it still features a zinc alloy sustain pedal of very high quality, longevity, and style. The piano runs on 12V/DC provided with a 3A type power supply adapter. The total weight of the piano is about 33.6 pounds and it offers tremendous sound production for performing in small auditoriums. 

Features of Donner DEP-10

2. Assembling and pedals

No assembly is required for the Donner DEP-10 piano. We only have to take the piano out of the box, put it on the table or X-frame keyboard stand, and start playing. However, you might consider placing the piano on a bespoke stand or pedal set, which would require some assembly.

Considering the pedals, the piano has two pedal options, a sustain pedal is included with the keyboard, which is great for playing great piano tunes. There is also an option to add a three-pedal unit to this piano that might appeal to advanced and professional pianists

3. Keyboard of the piano

The Donner DEP-10 features an 88-key fully weighted keyboard for both beginners and intermediate players. And the piano has been designed to render great dynamic control and expression while learning piano and while performing on stages. The piano holds a subtle touch response and it allows musicians to produce a very high level of soft and mellow sounds. The keyboard features high-quality keys that are great for offering controlled action, and suitable for long hours of practice for beginner and intermediate piano players

The piano is portable and is equipped with completely weighted keys, and holds several handy features such as basic sustain function, weighted keys, and exceptional touch response. These qualities of this piano enhance the piano playing abilities of the pianist to great levels.

4. Piano sounds and polyphony

The sound engine of this piano makes use of sampling methods and captures recordings of every single key of the grand acoustic piano in different attributes and velocities. Though a recording gets played when a piano key is pressed, it hardly gets noticed as the piano transitions are well-tuned. We can hardly find any difference as the tunes from this piano are smoothened out pretty well.

The piano has eight different voices that we can choose from such as bright acoustic piano, acoustic grand piano, church organ, electric grand piano, vibrating harp, chorus piano, harpsichord, string ensemble, etc. Though this is a budget piano, it still renders very high-quality sounds for the price range. A lot of sound rendering technology is pondered into the sounds of this piano and without any doubt, it features an authentic feel for pianists, especially beginners. 

The maximum polyphony in this digital piano is about 128 notes. This is good enough to render great expressions while playing the piano. The speakers are one of the biggest strengths of this digital piano. The piano has the most powerful speakers, two 25W speakers pack enough power to fill the entire home with great music. For stage shows and larger crowds, external amplification might be required. 

5. Controls and buttons

The controls of this piano are quite easy to use. There is a clear LCD screen to offer information about the sounds, and other options that are selected. There are buttons for every single function that you require and these controls are also easy to select and use, which makes the Donner DEP-10 a much-preferred piano over other professional piano brands. There are headphone jacks on the front panel of the piano. 

Pros & Cons of Donner DEP-10

Best features of the piano

  • This digital piano with half-weighted hammer keys renders a sensitive touch response to playing.
  • The piano action is very impressive and mimics the same Yamaha GHS piano, but DEP-10 is much more affordable than other high-end pianos.
  • The piano is very easy to assemble and it comes with its cord and plug-in feature.
  • Its core sounds are quite convincing and the sustain pedal of the piano is quite nice
  • The keys of this piano are full size and it allows you to play confidently and quickly.
  • The matt and gloss finishes of the piano look great on this instrument at this price range.
  • Donner DEP-10 features a manual power supply with a single-foot pedal and a large music stand.


  • There is no Bluetooth connectivity in this piano
  • It doesn’t come with a piano cover and a sliding cover for the piano keys.
  • There are no dedicated apps that work with DEP-10.

Alternatives of Donner DEP-10

These are some good alternatives to Donner DEP-10.

Note: You can check more options on our list of best keyboards under $300 and pianos under $500.

Bottom Line

The Donner DEP-10 is a simple and lightweight piano, with a lot of great features. The feel of the keys in this digital piano makes us feel that it is worth the cost. If you are looking for a piano with a great sound and feel within your budget, then it is the Donner DEP-10. This piano appeals to both beginner and advanced pianists alike.

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